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Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins

Is it just with me or do the bananas always get super ripe even before I get to eat them? I like to buy them when they are still a bit green to prevent this from happening however they still seem to get ripe super quick. This is where this awesome chocolate banana muffin recipe comes in handy. Especially because the riper the bananas the sweeter the muffins as I tried to stick to the natural sweetness of the bananas in this recipe rather than adding a whole lot of other sugars into it.

(Maybe wait till the bananas go black before making this ahah)


Once upon a time to Cambridge


Whilst I am typing this up I am also trying to eat my warm soup quickly before I leave again after only arriving home 13 mins ago. It has been so busy lately even before coming to uni. However the busy-ness also reminded me of the relaxing road trips that I made over the summer, one of them being to Cambridge.


She loved flowers so much that she became one

the delicate veins stretched out no longer than an inch on the petal
which were pointed towards the sun
by feeling their existence you wanted to sit next to them
and sink away in their silence
it broke the bond of shyness
your identical psyche could then no longer tell you apart
she loved flowers so much the she became one


a pop of colour

With the summer season upon us I think that one of the most excited part of it is to experiment and blend with the vibrant colours that we are surrounded by. With so many ways to actually incorporate colour into our outfits, today I shall be showing you one of them.


flores de primavera

suffocated with the grey clouds
i long for those forgotten days
of having a picnic next to the apple tree
or when my skin still knew the definition of vitamin D


Sante Gelato

Looking back at the old posts that I still need to post, I realised that I still had a few from Barcelona and since it’s so cold outside and the only thing that I still look forward to is a hot cup of tea in my hands, I wanted to get some of the Summer feeling that I had 2 months ago in Barcelona.