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Photo diary| Part 1

phot diary

Hi so I have been in Holland, well in Amsterdam since Monday. So I thought it would be nice to do a picture diary as I haven’t done a post in a while now .
Today, We went on a boat trip through the city and it was so beautiful. I will post that tomorow if I have time. I also took some outfit photos so they will be soon on my blog as well.


I took the pictures with my iPhone as my camera was in the suitcase.
I know you may think that this is just a random picture but if you look closely then you can see that it is actually a horse. This picture is taken nearby the Eurotunnel as we didn’t go on the aeroplane but did a roadtrip of at least 9-10 hours. We have always done this since I was a baby. It is just much more fun.

So we always look out for this horse and always try to take a picture of it.


This is when we almost reached Belgium.

photo 4(1)

And then almost Holland!


Stuck in traffic but a beautiful view.


No words. #nofilter

photo 2(1)

Then just a random thing. We went for another roadtrip as we decide to go to France. Although I didn’t take my camera with me as I thought it wouldn’t be safe. I’m just really careful with it But I did take this picture of just going into the subway.  I know there are a lot of cafes etc in France but Subway is still the best 😉

photo 1(1)

This is what I ate and it was so delicious! I actually think that the bread was different in France as I always take the Italian but it didn’t taste the same but it was still delicious. Oh and if you ever go to France you have got to taste their fresh croissants as they are the best. I had it for breakfast that day but forgot to take a picture.

photo 2

Nom-nom and these delicous cookies.

photo 5(1)

We returned on the same day from France so this was when we came back at night time.

photo 3

Having Pizza at Pizza Hut on our way back in Belgium.

photo 4

I had this coke and I think that it says ‘my Love’, in French.

These were all of my pictures I will do another photo diary tomorrow as I have taken a lot of pictures today (with my camera) so see you tomorrow.

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