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Yoko Ono

This post is from exactly one week and one day ago. On that day we went for some shopping in typical Dutch shops like Hema which is really popular there. I bought some things on that day for a diy that I will be doing soon. I also bought these glasses which are called Yoko Ono because they were worn a lot by her. My cousin bought the Lenon glasses. At first I couldn’t decide which one of them both to buy but ended up buying these. I actually bought quite a bit in Amsterdam but I am not sure yet if I will be doing a blogpost or video yet. What do you think?I still have one outfit left to post but I will probably post it next week because I want to do something different than keep posting outfits. Oh and I almost forgot aren’t these shorts just so cute. They have this edgy denim combined with lace at the bottom. I bought them at a market for only €10. Such a good price.
What do you think of the outfit?

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