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Amsterdam Shoplog

H there do you still know me or do I have to introduce myself again. Sorry for not posting for almost 2 weeks! But my sister broke my laptop and it took so long to fix it but finally have it back. She broke the screen of the laptop so it had to be replaced. Anyways I still had some Holiday posts which one of them I am quickly going to post.

One of the first things that I got was a kimono from France. It has a tropical print on it which is something different from my normal taste so I thought why not got for it. It is quite wide even though it is size small. I just got it from the market nearby where we were passing by.

Another thing that I got from France was this flowy top. It got me by the bright colour it is so summery. I also liked the necklace bit at the top it kind of sums up the outfit don’t you think?

Then I got this top from the pull&bear which is a shop that I really liked. It kind of reminded me of h&m which is my favorite shop. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this shop before in England. I would have loved going back to this shop again.

This skirt is so cute with the little flower detail and it has pleats at the front as well. I got it from C&A which is a shop I remember going to when I was little when we still used to live in Amsterdam.

You have already seen them in an ootd aren’t they just adorable with the little lace bits. I could stay all summer in these shorts.

Then I also got this agenda. At first I thought I would get a plain one so I can decorate it myself but then I saw this one and liked it way more. #IMG_3921

When I went to Forever21 I got about 3 or 2 things but ended up returning them all. As they all had something not right with them. I should have tried them on before buying it but whenever I go to whichever Forever21 there is all always a really big line. I ended up with only buying this bow.

Then I got some nail polish from the market and I think it was 11 for 10 euros but she gave us 14 or 15 for 10 euros. The colours are really pretty the quality is alright not one of the best. They also had some coloured stripers in between which is what I was most happy with. As I have been looking for more stripers for more designs. I also got the glittery nail polish for Christmas but that is what I am looking out for next. It feels like it is just around the corner don’t you think?
Then I got some washi tape. In HEMA which is a typical dutch shop and it has so many stuff. now that it is time to go back to school they had a lot of back to school diy and I also had some plans so may post those diy tomorrow or Sunday I am so excited!
I also got this ‘to do’ combined with ‘to blog’ notebook which I thought was really good.

This was the main stuff that I bought in Amsterdam. We also bought some food such as ‘ontbijtkoek’ ‘poedersuiker’ and my favourite ‘frietsaus’ which is already finished:(

What has your favourite purchase been so far this Summer?

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