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July Favourites

I know it is a bit too late for my monthly favourites but the post is finally here. Again this month I have been trying out different products( technically last month) So I though lets share it with you guys 😉

So towards the middle of July it started to be quite hot so I wanted a long-lasting but refreshing deodorant at the same time. This was perfect for that as I felt fresh through the whole day and kept smelling the sweat smell of strawberries and I think it was raspberries because I’m not quite sure how raspberries actually smell.

I also wanted a light weight not too oily oil for the summer which this one from L’Oréal was perfect for it. I have almost finished it that’s how much I used it. Also it is heat protectant so I can use it before I straighten my hair and not worry about washing the oil out of my hair first.

This is one of the new face scrub that I have been using since the beginning of summer and I have been loving it because it is so refreshing and it smells lovely like peaches. It’s like a splash of water just hit my face. I just can’t leave the house without getting the refreshing feeling with this scrub.

This is such a lovely hair mask. I have seen so many bloggers using hairmasks so I wanted to try it out as well and they are lovely. It leaves my hair even smoother than applying conditioner. I didn’t even know that that was possible. You only need to apply this once a week and when you wash your hair again after 3 or 2 days you can still feel the softness of your hair. The smell is also so lovely it kind of smells like honey and another lovely smell which I still haven’t figured out.

Another lovely scrub but this is for the body. I bought it 1 because it smells lovely and 2 because it has my name on it. I know not the best two reasons to buy it but I don’t have any regrets because it is lovely. When choosing shower gels or even body scrubs I like to be specific and this is just the kind of suitable for me. Absolutely love it.

I actually wore a lot of different colours during July but this was one of my most used nail polishes as firstly because I was a big supporter of Holland fpr Football and their main colour is orange( can’t believe football was only a month ago it feels like such a long time ago) and 2 because it is the perfect bright colour for the Summer.

Then last but not least my favourite breakfast because I am really keen on my breakfasts. Bagels! I love them and there are so many ways and things that you can try them out with. They will never get old and I will never get tired eating them.

Till next time xxxJazz

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