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Last of Amsterdam

This is the last ootd of Amsterdam. So finally I have finished my holiday posts. Today I did prepare a back to school post which may be uploaded today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow because I still have to post my July favourites even though August is almost over.

The day that I wore the maxi skirt, it wasn’t one of the best choice that I made as we had to go on the bikes. So it would have been quite a struggle to go on a bike with a maxi skirt. Luckily my cousin offered for me to sit behind him. So it wasn’t that bad. I could have changed to wearing shorts but I really wanted an outfit post with the maxi skirt because I love it.
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You can actually see that I did get quite a tan in Amsterdam as the weather was great! and when we went swimming wow! I looked like I just came from Spain or something. My tan has kind of faded away ever since but you can still see it on my feet because I wore a lot of my Birkenstocks. I think this was my only day that I wore my converse.
I already have a light brown skin colour but it is always nice to have it a bit darker.
I think that this was one of my favourite outfit. I would say on number 2. My number 1 was the dungarees but didn’t have the time to take pictures of that outfit and when I did, I found out that my camera’s battery was dead which I was really disappointed about.

Anyways are you having any Holiday withdrawals?

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