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The perfect mani cure

I am not really into make-up, It is not really my thing. You wont find me doing 20 minutes of makeup every morning in front of the mirror. However when it comes to nail polish I just can’t get enough. I always like to find out new tricks to do beautiful designs. So today How to do the perfect mani cure.

I love doing mani cures and you can find stickers to do it really perfectly. Or you can just use my idea to do them. IMG_3886
First apply a base coat quite obviously. I am using the one from Rimmel called Nail Nurse Stronger Nails.

Then apply a nude colour which goes with your skin colour. I am using the one that I bought from Holland.

Then flick a line at the top of you nail with a striper. Just imagine an imaginary line where normally you have the curvy white bit ( sorry didn’t know a better way to describe it but I hope you know what I mean).

Then kind of colour it in with white nail polish. I went for this George nail polish because it is quite watery so it would spread quickly without clotting.

Then after it has dried completely just add a topcoat so it would stay longer and that’s it your are finished.
I hope to have helped you in any kind of way.
Till tomorrow xxxJazz

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