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What’s in my schoolbag

So tomorrow is the big day. School starts. In a way I am excited and in a way I am not really, because firstly it is school but secondly I am starting sixth-form which is something new for me and I always like new exciting things.

I ordered a new bag last week from Eastpak because I love their bags. I used to have a plain black one about 4 years ago which I no longer use anymore. Last year I had Paul Frank but this time I wanted to go for Eastpak because they have more of a variety. Btw can you guess what the print actually is. Some of the guesses are circles, Grapes and confetti. Tell me in the comments below what you think it is.

First of all the main thing my pencil-case. I bought it last year from Holland. This year I didn’t really saw one that stood out to me yet but I am, on the search for buying a new pencil-case.

These are all the essential things in my pencil-case. I know there are a lot of pens and pencils to see but some are still from last year ( yes I am recycling;) and secondly because throughout the year a few will be borrowed and never given back, a few will do a disappearing act and a few will actually be fully used up. The ones without the lids are from last year and of course I need tipp-ex for mistakes. Also when I check my work I like to mark it with different colours. So the red and the green ones are for that.

Then I got some little bits. Like a rubber or a rubber combined with a sharper which I got from Rhyman last year that is why it has so many doodles on it. The ruler is from Rhyman as well. I also got a Pritt stick as I like to stick my sheets in and not just leaving them in my book as they fall out, most of the time. Also some paperclips just in case.

I don’t know why I have the Pritt stick twice so ignore that.
I also got some highlighters as last year I had the smaller packet of this and they were really useful so I thought let’s go for the bigger one this year. The hole puncher is obviously for punching holes but the main reason is because this year we will be using more folders ( I also got a diy which I have been busy with over the weekend for it).

And then the last bit. I know it seems a lot but these are just the extra bits I always take with me wherever I go ( when I feel like taking a bag).
My notebook for making notes, The blogger note-book where I jot blog ideas, an umbrella for the british weather, hand sanitizer, 2 creams I don’t know why don’t ask, My glasses, a mirror do I even need to give a reason, my purse and obviously some tissues.

Wish me all the best for my first day at school xxxJazz

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