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Diy Folders+Notebooks

Hi today I have a diy that I have been busy with since the weekend. I have the diy for folders and for notebooks. As some people use folders at school ( like me ) but most use notebooks at school.

If you are curious which subjects I am doing then that is German, Sociology, textile and History. I think I only need a folder for only 3 of them. I am not so sure about Textile so I didn’t get a folder for that subject.

I tried to get the stickers off but that didn’t really work out so I came on the idea of a diy which I am going to show now;)

First I got some wrapping paper and I cut out three pieces that were as long as the sides of my folders.
Also it doesn’t matter if it isn’t cut out neat from the sides because we will stick washi tape on the sides later on.

Now lay it onto the folder and stick it with blue tack. After that you need to make the hole but I hope you understand through the pictures.

Now remove the blue tack and stick it on with glue.
Afterwards just stick washi tape onto the sides.

Now get some lined paper and start to stamp your subject name.

Then cut them out neatly and stick them on and tada you have your result.

Now onto the notebooks. If you have a boring notebook don’t worry I will show you a way to pimp it up;)

You need some wrapping paper again, to stick it onto the front of the notebook.

I had a shoebox home which worked like a whiteboard which I only discovered recently and thought to include it into my diy. As I will be sticking it onto the top part to write my subject.

After sticking it on you can stick some washi tape onto it as well.

There you have it 2 diy that are really quick and easy. I hoped you liked it. Tell me which one is your favourite. xxxJazz

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