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Getting fit with Jazz

Since I got back from Amsterdam I have been thinking about starting fitness because I ate quite a lot of food there. At first I thought it would be really easy but it as easy as it sounds. You have to change just about every part of your lifestyle. So I thought I share some of the main things that I have been focusing on.

One of the main aspects of our life is food. It is a really big thing even if you don’t notice. Just by changing your diet you could make a great difference. So I have been trying to be healthy. That means no snacking throughout the day and only 3-4 proper meals. It is hard because I am a big snacker but I’m getting to it.

I really love having different breakfasts every day as I am really keen on them so I think that they are the main meals that I have been changing. I have also been changing my lunches but I have a different post for that;)

I love bagels and lately I have been having it with cheese and tomatoes with it. To boost the flavour a bit I also add some salt and pepper.
I don’t like a too heavy breakfast as else I would just simply throw up adn I don’t want that to do first thing in the morning. So even when I have beans on toast in the morning it would normally only one toast but for lunch it would be 2.
Also when having the wafels with honey I wanted to have them with blueberries but we didn’t have any at home so used strawberries instead.
I like drinking orange juice in the morning more than milk. I have just always been a big fan of oranges and it is full of vitamin c.

I have also downloaded some apps for fitness but also some for being healthy. Such as the first one is idrinkwater. This app reminds you throughout the day to drink water. Depending on your weight that’s how much water you have to drink. The app is quite good but don’t drink too much water at one go as that isn’t very healthy either.
Another app is the 7 minute workout challenge. This is basically doing a 7 minute workout. You can decide how many times a day per week or per month you want to do it. It is a really good work out app and I would highly recommend it for loosing weight or getting fit like me;)

Tomorrow I will have an outfit post showing you my workout clothes etc. Also talking about what training I do but talk to you tomorrow. Till then xxxJazz

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