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Just running

I wanted to have a separate post for my running outfit as it is actually just another outfit post.


When it comes to sport clothes I think that h&m has a really good collection. So most of the stuff that I am wearing is from h&m. Such as the jacket and the leggings. I don’t really know what to call them I think leggings is the right term. They are also so comfortable and lovely to run in. It has also an inside pocket where I can put my ipod in. Which I only found out after I bought and it made me even more happier about my purchase.
The jacket is also so soft from the inside and is lovely to wear as now that winter is aproaching and it is starting to be cold this jacket is lovely to wear and it also has a cappuchon.


I bought these shoes quite recently from footlocker and they are so comfortable to walk in. They are also so pretty but not pretty enough to wear it with other outfits. As I think that nikes are best to wear when sporting but not for regular basis. I couldn’t find thes shoes online anywhere so couldn’t put a link in sorry.
I was adviced to wear them without socks as then it would be better for me but when I did so I got blisters on my feet. So when I wore them again, but then with socks I didn’t get any blisters so currently I’m in a I-don’t-know-what-to-do-situation any tips?


This is a really pretty and sturdy water bottle which I got from B&M. The reason that I got this bottle was firstly because it was cheap and secondly because it looks like a long-lasting bottle that would stay with me for at least one year.

Have you been into fitness lately?

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