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New shoes Divadames

I bought these shoes about two weeks ago and they already have a place in my heart.

You wont see me in heels that easily but when I saw these online I just couldn’t resist buying them. Later on when I bought them I realised that they are quite high but I thought why not go for it as I am always ready to try out new things. Although I think that I did go a bit too extreme with the high heels bit because I have never worn such high heels before but that may be because I have never really worn any heels. Even my black boots have no heel and normally black boots do have a bit of a heel on them.


What I really love about these shoes is that you know how some people say that if you give a women a pair of shoes that she can conquer the world? Well you certainly feel it with these shoes.


Although the material of the shoes is something different from other shoes. That is one of the things that I have noticed . You have to be careful as if you bump into something with your shoe you get a scratch right away on it. I think that that is really the only down side of these shoes.

The price is really reasonable as well as they only cost about £19. If you go lower than that then it would be most likely be a cheap quality of shoes.

Normally I get blisters like really quick with new shoes but I haven’t so far with these shoes which I love. I think that these shoes will most defiantly be in one of my favorites for this Autumn/winter. As the official date for Summer to end is I think 20th of September and you can actually really tell. The weather is incredibly outside. As the sun is quite hot but the ice-cold breeze cools you down. This is how it should be every day.


Anyways going of topic. Another thing I like is that they have that elastic bits on the sides as first I though I would get the original Chelsea boots but these look so much better don’t you think?
Click here for the shoes.

What do you think of these shoes? Are they your type?

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