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Sprinkles of Autumn

So Summer will be officially over after next week. I am actually kind of excited for it.


When I think of Autumn I think of edgy and grunge. I think that this outfit describes that perfectly.The 90s Man. I have got the Denim, the chekard but also layering. Although the only thing that I am really missing is a leather jacket which I was going to put on first but then thought I would get too hot. As the weather has been weird lately In the mornings it is really cold but during the day it gets quite hot. I think that this is one of the reasons that I have a cold as well which is really irritating.

Also what do you think does the chekard shirt look better if I let it down or when I tie it up?

Hair Bow -Forever 21
Shirt- New look
Dress- H%M
Boots- Divadames
Lace socks- River Island


Have you been enjoying the pre-autumn?

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