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5 Healthy School lunches

This post was supposed to be posted since the first week of school which is already 3 weeks ago but I kept re-scheduling it, as I wanted to post something else instead of it. So finally I am posting it.
The last time that I talked about lunches was last year but then I still used to use Weebly so you wont probably find it on here.

When it comes to lunches I like to have a balanced diet as I think that lunches are just one of the things where you can get a variety of nutritions at the same time.


To start of as a main I have a white bun. I know it should be brown but I don’t like brown buns as I think they taste funny but anyways I have cheese with cucumber and some sliced tomatoes in it. Then I have an apple as my fruit. Some sultanas biscuits as my snack as well as yoghurt as a snack and also to get some protein. Then I have my favorite juice from innocent: Peach flavour. Love this one.


The next day I had some french bread with some Quorn chicken which is so yummy! I love this so much I could actually have this everyday. Then for the protein I have some Actimel but also a mix of peanuts which I should have put into a plastic bag but didn’t. Lastly for fruit I went for some strawberries and an orange. When I eat strawberries I have this very weird thing that I have to do, which is to take precisely 8 strawberries to school. So yes I have 8 strawberries sliced up in that little plastic bag.


I had some leftovers of the french bread. So I took it the next day because I love that bread and simply can’t resist it. By the way it is from Greggs.
Then for the fruit I had some pineapple . You get these cute little pineapples from Asda which I love so I at least have them once a week. Then I went for another fruit. This time raspberries. I tried to be variant over the days so I can get different nutritions. Lastly for the snacks I had some crackers with some egg mayo which you are supposed to have in your sandwich but I just take it to eat it with the crackers and it is so Yummy.


All of the above ideas wont even take you 10 min that is what I love about it and even when you think about making wraps in the morning some people are like ‘What?’ ‘Won’t that take a really long time?’. Belive me it doesn’t. All that I do is get a wrap stick it for less than 30 seconds on a non-sticking frying pan and then put some torn corn and cheese in it with some cucumbers + lettuce . That’s it, it is so simple and easy to do. It also tastes great.

I have also got two sackets of ketchup which you don’t really need but I took some anyways as I love ketchup.
To be extra healthy I had some really healthy snacks which you can see, the cocktails. This is so yummy. Just get some cucumber, cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes. Believe me it tastes absolutely great.
By the way I haven’t forgotten the fruit as tomatoes are counted as fruit 😉

Then I also had some custard and some strawberries. I forgot to take a picture of the strawberries but what I do is get the strawberries in a separate box and then add the custard into it when I am about to have my lunch and it tastes great.


Then last but not least at the end of the week I just had a simple sandwich with some peanut butter. I love peanut butter but the crunchy one not the smooth one.
I didn’t have any pasta or saled in this week while normally I do like to play around more with my lunches. Maybe next time I will show you how I make very quick saled for example.

I had Jacobs crackers with cheasespread as I am obsessed with eating that. Then some yoghurt and actimel which I thought it would be too much yoghurt but the peanut butter is quite dry so it didn’t really matter. To finish it all off I had some grapes as well as cherries.

I hope to have given you some ideas for your own lunches. Till next time xxxJazz

Would you like me to do more these kind of posts or do you like fashion based ones more?

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