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Today was Mint


Even though it is autumn, summer still doesn’t seem to go completely but I don’t mind because I love this combination of the weather.It is quite warm but a cool breeze cools you down.  You can’t really wear any half sleeves. So the top that I am wearing now is perfect for it. It is long sleeve but is quite light and airy.

This autumn, pastels are still to stay which I love because I love pastels and florals. All those girly things but then combined in a boy meets girl way. Is that my style on the go? I don’t know it always seems to differ. IMG_0252

This outfit is really simple when you look at it from the front but then the back has something a bit exciting to it:
The bows. They are so cute and finish the look completely. A lot of people complimented me as well.  I don’t leave my hair open very often but when I do it has to be because that is the only way that the outfit would work. That was the case this time as the top from the front is really simple so my wavy hair left a loud image behind.




The boots that I am wearing are my favorite boots of all time. They are comfy and have and edgy look to them. I also think that they rock with just about any outfit. I had them from h&m last year. I thought that they would probably be gone after two months as I have worn them a lot but they are still there and are not willing to leave my sight. Thank you guys



Top: divadames

Earings: Forever 21

Skinny Jeans: divadames

Boots: h&m

Rings: h&m

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