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Autumn essentials #1


Today I was actually quite happy that it was a rainy and miserable day outside because that meant that I could finally wear my new coat and my new shawl. I was looking forward to this day for weeks. It was quite cold outside but not cold enough to wear a scarf with a coat last week but today I think summer officially said ba-bye.


I don’t know if this may be a bit ott but I just wanted a separate post for my coat and scarf that I love and I am most probably going to stay in untill summer next year.
Every year a new scarf comes in my collection. I like to go for different patterns and textures every year. This year I got a tartan, blue purple scarf which coincidently matched my coat as well. The scarf is sooooo warm you wont believe it. I just love it. This one is from New look. I couldn’t find the scarf online and if I did find a similar one, then it was out of stock.
I have wrapped the scarf around my neck but it is actually a blanket type of scarf.
It such an autumny scarf I just can’t image autumn without this tartan scarf. It wasn’t even that pricey only about £15 I think.



Now onto my second favourite thing : my Coat! As I was already saying that I am looking for a duster coat but I had already bought a coat, that was this coat. Isn’t it cute? It is soft from the inside as well as the outside and I was super happy when I found out that it matched my scarf as well. So if you are going to see every outfit post of me with the scarf and the coat then that is because we are best buddies now.
Click for this lovely coat here.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention. I found out that Asos sold pull&bear stuff as well, as I got this coat from there so that made me even happier. As I was already saying that I really liked pull&bear when I went to Amsterdam.

The coat’s hood has a fur inside as well which makes it extra cute and soft!

Have you bought or ordered your winter coat yet?

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