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3 hairstyles for a hat

I loved wearing a hat in the summer but I think that autumn is a really good hat season as well. Actually any season is perfect for it. I’m still looking for a floppy hat which I think is ‘The hat’ for this season. So I thought why not show you some hairstyle inspiration for this season’s must have.


First thing is what everyone knows, is to brush your hair. Then comb it to the back and tie it off with an elastic. Try to have a smooth low pony tail. Although you can make it a bit volumnising by back-combing it or pulling a bit out like me 😉


Then after that you are finished and you have an easy but a cute London look.


Now without even opening up your hair just twist your hair into a bun and add some pins into. Ta-da done


Now get your hair onto one side and start of with a fish plate with the upper section of your hair. Slowly start to add hair into the fish plate like a french braid. Till you eventually finish it and reach the bottom of it.


Now tie it off and you can make it a bit more messy by pulling a few bits out from the fish plate.

I hope you enjoyed this little hair tutorial.

Till next time xxxJazz





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