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Chic Monday~ Wishlist

I had quite a wishlist building up for quite a long time now. At first I was going to post only a wishlist separately but then I though why not match some of my items up and make an outfit out of it. So today I have an outfit kinda wishlist.

Untitled-2_edited-1If only I could buy everything on this list but for that I have quite a lot of saving up to do. Like the bag it is so pretty but it costs about £140 which I can  save up to, but would I really pay so much money just for a bag? I don’t know. Still it had to go on my wishlist as I really love this bag for Autumn. Just perfect for Fall.

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Then the second thing the watch. Oh My it is so beautiful. I haven’t bought or seen such a pretty watch since my ice watch which is already 2 years old now. Still my watch looks brand new. It’s not like my watch is damaged and I need a new one but damn the Daniel Wellington watches are really something that are worth saving up for.

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I do have a white shirt but it has short sleeves. Now that it is getting colder I want to look for a longer sleeve one. On top of that white shirts are just the best basics to have in your wardrobe so what does it matter if you have about 4 of them…

Plus this shirt has another touch to it with the black stripes. It reminds me of Coco Chanel and I love her style. So chic and elegant.

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I have been looking for some smart trousers( cigarette pants) as I have smart Fridays at school and these look chic. They are also something different from just plain black ones which I have currently. The pattern on it got my attention. Although it is still grey-ish colours it still somehow makes it stand out.

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Last but not least. These dammmnnn shoes! They are so…how would you describe them? Is funky the right word? or more chic but edgy? and I really see myself wearing them or as I would rather say rocking them .

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You may see some of the items in my wardrobe sooner or later. Or at least I hope so as currently I am saving up for something really big so I am trying to be careful with what I am spending. I wont tell you just yet what I am saving up for but will do soon.

What is your favourite item on the wishlist?


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