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My current style

I love wearing shirts bows and all of the boy-meets-girl-trend. I just think that masculine clothes are way more chilled than feminine clothes. Don’t you think? For Example skirts, every time when the wind blows you have to look out for that the skirt doesn’t go up. While boys could just walk casually with their pants without worrying about anything.

Firstly I wanted to talk about the hair. I think that by straightening my hair it seems it even more longer than it already is. I don’t know if you can see it clearly on the top picture but my hair is straightened on the right and I still had to do the left side. There is not much of a different but I still like to have complete straight hair sometimes.

I would do a low pony tail as it has been seen on the catwalk lately. It just defines masculine: Not much effort in your hair. Although if you still like to keep it a bit girly then nothing stops you from just leaving your hair open. Although avoid putting clips, hair accessories or braids in your hair.


As far for the make-up I am not a big make-up user but a bit of powder and BB cream can’t do any harm. Just add a little bit to make your skin one tone. Also add some powder to keep your face matte. I don’t need to colour my eyebrows in as my eyebrows are naturally quite thick while most girls concern about colouring their eyebrows in I don’t have to. Do try to keep your eyebrows thick to really get the masculinity ( is that even a word?).

You can add a matte lipstick to your lips if you can’t resist lipstick. You can also maybe if you really can’t resist it pink or red to your lips but try to keep it really light so it look quite natural as you wont see boys doing make-up int the morning.



For the outfit the good old oxfords+shirt+jumper+cigarette pants will do;) I added a scarf as I love scarfs that is my signature mark if you would have noticed by now. Also I don’t wear this scarf that easily as it doesn’t match that quick as my other scarfs do. Even though it is so pretty! But when I noticed that it went with this outfit I could not resist not wearing it.

This is a different kind of post where I liked to talk about my current style. Please tell me if you would like me to do more these kind of posts. Till next timexx

(I will probably post the outfit post tomorrow as I have done that as well so I haven’t included where the clothes are from)

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