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3 ways for wavy hair

Lately I have really been into making my hair wavy it is just so much quicker and easier for in the morning as it saves me so much time. So today I wanted to share with you 3 ways of how I make my hair wavy and the plus side of it is that it is without heat as well!


Yes you are seeing that right I am in my pjs. Anyways not the point. The first way to wave your hair is by washing it first.


Then I blow dry my hair a bit. As if I start braiding my hair after I towel dry it, I think it would take at least 2 days to dry it. My hair takes forever to dry so I had to blow dry it for this tutorial.



Now just start doing a french braid in your hair. This would make your hair wavy from all the way from the top.
After that I would just go to sleep with it.



Then in the morning open up your hair and tada. You have wavy hair.

I have also include a before and after picture (that would be after a whole day). I did not add any hairspray what so ever.



Then onto the second way. When I haven’t washed my hair but I still want wavy hair I would just slightly spray a little bit of water in my hair and then just braid it and got to sleep with it.



Then just opening up my hair which won’t even take a minute.



Finally this is one of the least way that I wave my hair but still wanted to share it with you.
This is one of the ways that I would use on the day when I need to wash my hair. You will know why when you read on…



I would wave my hair the same way as in step 2 but this time to add some extra texture with the Tony&Guy Sea Salt Spray. It makes your hair more crunchy leaving it how should I put this… I don’t know just a bit more sticky at the end of the day. Throughout the day it stays alright but after a whole day believe me you would want to wash your hair.


Here you can clearly see the difference. The result of the texture spray. I have sprayed it on the right side.





I did spray twice through my hair to add a bit more texture throughout the day. As it starts to fade a bit after 2-3 hours which is the only disappointing part of it.

I hope you liked this 3 way of waving your hair.
I was also going to post another vlog today but the video is taking forever to load onto youtube so I don’t know whether it will be up today. Otherwise it will be tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow morning. But I will see what I can do.
Untill next time xxxJazz

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