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Gloss me Forbidden city Lip Gloss


Today I have this beautiful lip gloss to review for you. It is such a dark rich colour therefore perfect for autumn.



The lip gloss is from Sleak Make up collection and it is from the Gloss me shade extension. They have about 12 different colours in this collection and I have one of them. The collection itself has a lot of variety in it as there are some really dark colours in it( like mine ) or really natural looking light pinks. So there is something for everyone.

I got this pretty colour in my goodie bag from the fashion event that I attended last week. I don’t normally do reviews or actually a lot with beauty at all but I simply could not resist not sharing this beautiful colour with you.
It is such a dark colour which brightens up your face right away.


I have the forbidden city number 24. I don’ actually know how to describe the colour as it has a lot of colours mixed throughout it. I think dark pink, purple and burgundy are the 3 colours that you can see the most.

This is one of those typical lip glosses that are really glossy and sticky which means that it will stay on just about all day. Although because of the windy weather outside now, it may result hair sticking to your lips all the time.

Maybe after a meal the colour would get a bit lighter but it doesn’t go away completely.
You wouldn’t really need a touch up with this lip gloss only after a meal I suppose.

It also has glitter in it which makes it even more shinier and sparklier (is that even a word) so perfect for a night out as it would really make your lips stand out.
I wouldn’t wear this colour every day as it would be a bit too dark for me for an everyday bases. Although for a special event it would look really nice.


From the picture you can see that one layer would cover all of your lips but 2 layers still covers it all the way.

Click here for the Lip gloss

The price adds another bonus to it as it only costs £4.99 which is a really reasonable price for this product.
Click here to go straight to the Sleek makeup website

What do you think of it?

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