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Rings of this week

I love wearing rings they just complete any outfit. So today I thought I will share with you how I wore my rings this week.

Rings this week

I started of this week with some of my basic rings which I normally wear just to layer up my outfit. I think that accesories play a key part in our outfits. Whether it is for every casual day or for when going out.
Most of the time you would see me wearing silver as I find that quite easy to pair but when I feel a bit challenging I would style some gold into my outfit as well.

Rings this week

The next day I thought about just adding one chunky ring that would stand out. So didn’t bother to layer some more.

Rings this week
On Wednesday I felt like wearing a lot of Midi rings. So I just wore a lot of them. Also because I had quite a simple outfit on that day and with a lot of rings it brightened the outfit a bit up.

Rings this week
Can you see those arrow kind of rings on the left picture. I love pairing them this way. They just look so ‘cute’ together. Like they are made for each other.


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