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How to: Fuller lips


I have noticed myself that I am lately more and more into beauty. As I posted quite a few beauty related posts lately  but don’t worry fashion is still something that I like way more and is my priority .

Everybody knows about Kylie Jenner’s lips which have been so much in the Media lately but nobody actually really knows how she creates them with a lip liner if she really does create it with a lip liner.
Today my post is kind of related to that as I will show you how to make the illusion of fuller lips. You may already know or may not about this trick but I have been using this a lot lately for when going out for example.


I thought I would show you the result before and after. I do think that you can see the difference between the two pictures. My bottom lip is a bit thicker than my upper lip. So this trick helps me out to balance out my bottom and upper lip as it makes my upper lip look a bit thicker as well.


This is how my lips look like naturally with no lip balm what so ever. Not the best I know. I could probably suggest scrubbing your lips a bit which I didn’t do as I forget but that would just naturally make your lips look a bit more fuller as well.


After that I applied a matte skin colour lipstick to my lips with the top of my fingers. You just need a colour that kind of matches your face skin colour but your lips at the same time so it almost looks like you are not wearing any lipstick. Here you can kind of see ‘crackels’ on my lips and this is why I suggest scrubbing your lips first.


Then I just got a light red colour lip stick and put it on the outside line of my lip. You can use lip liner but I just prefererred this more.

Then with a lip brush or just with the top of your finger just smudge the line. Making it seem natural.



There you have it a natural-fuller-lip-looking lip tutorial.
Maybe not as similair as Kylie Jenner but we will never know how she does her lips probably.
I hope you liked it.

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