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Blogger Style Steal #2


It was time for another Blogger style steal as I love taking inspiration from other bloggers. So this time I am showing you another favourite blogger of my.



I haven’t been following Virgit a long time. Lets just say a couple of months but I love her style. She has this strong feminist style in herself that still somehow defines Masculinity .
When it comes to clothes the most important thing would be to mix and match the colour as there should be always a colour combination in your clothes if you ask me. That is how I style most of my things. The colour has to go together from the colour pallets. I think it is also a way to show your outfit more put together. Anyways linking it back to Virgit’s outfit I really love the way she has matched her purple skirt to her purple hat which if you ask me is quite daring. I think I would rather stay with black as that would be secure as you can easily mismatch something. However she has matched it so right! I love it.

I clearly had to search for similar items when talking about her clothes. As only her shoes cost about £1200 so yeah I don’t really think that I would be able to afford that.



What do you think of the outfit?


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