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Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs


This perfume truly reflects its name in the perfume. It is a dreamy fragrance with a lot to it. So today I wanted to talk about my latest favourite perfume.


It is a light airy fragrance which has a strong feminist sent to it. Straight away when you spray it you can smell this very rich sent bursting with top notes of blackberry, pear and grapefruit. Furthermore it also has a twist of Jasmine, Blue Wisteria and Musks. Even though I have never liked the scent of coconut or lychee, in this perfume it smells so fruity as it includes coconut water and lychee as the base notes. I noticed my self that every now and then when I went to smell my wrist (as it smells so nice!) the scent somehow changed. At first it has such a strong aroma however as the day pasts the fragrance changes its scent and smells more like a dreamer.

Personally I think that the fragrance is more something for the Summer as it is both floral and fruity. However this makes it even better to wear it during Winter. As it will remind you of the Summer in the Winter time.
It is basically Summer in a bottle as it includes so many fruity aromas.


However the only down side of it is that it doesn’t last as long maybe half a day tops. As the scent fades away quite quickly so you would have to spray twice during the day. This would be the only down part of it. Although I don’t really mind this as I usually spray perfume again during the day whether it is a scent that lasts long or not.
I think because it is designed to be so airy this may be the reason for not lasting that long .

The packaging is the first thing that took my heart away as I love daisies and I love the colour blue. Also it can be used as a showpiece in your room after the fragrance is finished so you don’t need to worry about whether to throw away or not.

This perfume has a type of aroma that would reflect a sweet innocent girl. Like you would have seen in the advert. I think the girl in the advert reflects the perfume. The scent is a very sophisticated, pleasant and moderately a sweet scent which is not too overwhelming. It is the opposite of creating a statement instead if someone walked past you with this aroma it would smell like a dream passed by.


Although I would not call the scent too unique as it does remind me of some other perfumes.

Below are some deals for the perfume if you would like to purchase this perfume as it would be a very good Christmas gift as well.

The fragrance is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette. It also includes body lotion and shower gel.
You can buy it in Boots, the fragrance shop and MJ’ website Online


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