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Rimmel London nailpolish


I bought this beautiful rich colour some time before Christmas. I lost it somewhere in my nail polish stash but when I found it last week, I didn’t had to think twice before applying it. 



In total there are at least 10 different shades in this collection which were released by Kate Moss in 2011 so quite a long time ago. All the shades are inspired by different music genres. This red one is called Rock n Roll. Kate even said that this colour was her personal favourite one but I didn’t buy it for that reason though. When I was looking at the nail polishes, I think this bright red one was standing out the most to me but also I needed a red colour as Christmas was approaching. After that I lost it somewhere in my nail polish stash but recently discovered it again. I think that it is the perfect shade for Valentines day as well which is only less than a month away.

The collection is known for the gel finish shine and 10 day chip resistant. It really does leave a finishing shine behind so you don’t actually need to apply any top coat. The nail polish stayed for at least 4-5 days fully on my nails (without top coat) and I am not quite sure but I do think that it was at least 10 days without chip. Not more than that though. This would be the perfect nail polish for anti-chiping.

The colour itself is quite rich so I only had to apply one coat. Also the brush is thicker making it even easier to apply over my nails.

You can buy the collection in Boots and Superdrug for £4.49

What do you think of this colour?


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