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5 Healthy School Lunches#2


It’s been a while since I have done a healthy lunch post. I love healthy lunches. In a way I am always excited to eat lunch as whenever I make healthy lunches I make it extra special. So today I wanted to share with you 5 different lunch ideas that I enjoy eating at lunch times.

I took the pictures in the morning when it was still dark so the quality of the pictures isn’t that good ,but I don’t really mind as long as you can see what I made.


On Monday I had a white bun with cheese spread in it. I love this. It is the best thing ever to put in a white bun. Then I had some grapes which were really sweet. Normally they are too sour and I don’t really like sour grapes.
As a snack I had some crackers with a garlic dip. Of course I had some tic tacs as I don’t want my breath to stink.
Lastly my favourite innocent juice which is this peach flavoured one.


The next day I had some bagels. I just can’t get enough of them. I had some lettuce and cheese spread in it. I also discovered this new cheese snack which has Tabasco sauce mixed in it. The cheese was hot but not too hot. It was yummy hot if you know what I mean.


Here I have some cheese pasta mixed with cucumber and green olives. Yes as you can tell I am a little obsessed with cheese. It is one of my favourite type of food. Anyways onto the pasta, I have green olives in them which I normally don’t really like but it went so well with this pasta that I am ready to eat them again. I think that you just need to experiment with some foods that you don’t like. Eventually you will find a way that you will like .


I have shown the recipe of this Quorn salad before but that was on Weebly. If you would like me to do it again I would be happy to do it. As it is healthy and very yummy. Oh and I don’t really know why I took a spoon with me that day as I didn’t even need it.


The last day when I had a little bit of a treat for being so healthy. I took a handful of popcorn. Now I know that they aren’t very healthy for you but if you eat them once in a while then it doesn’t really matter. In my sandwich I had peanut butter and jelly which is so nice with Actimel. I also took a kiwi with me which I cut in half and then took a spoon with me so I can scoop out the inner bit out of the (skin I guess).

I hope you liked a healthy post as I have been trying to be healthy lately. Till now I have quite succeeded.

Wish me luck xxxJazz

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