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Healthy Breakfast Ideas


This started as a lunch series but I also wanted to start a breakfast series. As I love breakfasts. You know what actually gets me out of bed every morning? Well it is breakfast. It may sound weird but breakfasts just make me happy in the morning so I always like to experiment different things with it.


I started the week off with some waffles. They are already pre-made ones from Kingsmill. I love these! You can toast or just eat them straight from packaging. Either way they are super delicious. I usually have some ‘poedersuiker’ on it which in England would be know as icing sugar (I think). I normally have blueberries and honey on it but we didn’t have them at home so I went for the bananas instead.


I recently discovered some new cereals which are called Jordans. They are seriously so yummy and they have so many different types of nuts in them making them really healthy as well. Although the other day I was looking at the nutrients and it had about 24 grams of sugar per 100 grams which believe me is a lot. So I am actually on the search again for some new healthy cereals…


When I have some more time in the morning I like to create something ‘special’. Like here I have a toasted bagel with an omelet and some hoops on top. This was really delicious as well and full of protein.


I tried out this thing which didn’t quite turn out the best. Me and my sister watched that Bethany Mota healthy breakfast video and we wanted to re-create those pancakes that she made. Our ones were more like omelets kind of pancakes. If you watch her video on YouTube then you will probably get what I mean.

Oh and you can see those almonds there because my mum gives us almonds to eat every morning. She says that they are really good for your brain so another very good source to eat in the morning;)


I think when I don’t feel like making anything I will probably go for this or for toasted bagels. Here I am having Jordan’s cereals with some rolled out oats and yoghurt. Specifically raspberry yoghurt as I love that flavour. Normally for the fruit I like to be different every time. This time is was blackberries.


What do you like to eat for breakfast?

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