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How I style Shirts


If you have been following my blog from a long time, you probably know by now that I love shirts. I could just about wear them everyday ( I think that I actually do). There are so many different ways that you can style them and so many different materials in which you can buy them. Today I wanted to show you 5 different ways to combine them. 


I like to sometimes open up the buttons and combine it with a graphic tee. It depends on the mood I am in that I will wear a skirt or skinny jeans. The open shirt and the rolled up sleeves gives the look a laid back 90s vibe. Don’t you think?


Another way that I like to combine shirts is buying shirts in different materials. For example here I am wearing a lace type of shirt. You can also combine shirts with chunky statement necklaces, as that way the outfit looks really put together as well.


This is one of my most worn combination at the moment which is so easy to style. It is basically a shirt with a jumper. I like experimenting with it differently though. As I have a lot of jumpers and shirts so there are about a thousand ways to combine them together. Also when doing this I would normally go for a printed shirt. As the collar at the top that is sticking out looks really cute then.


This is something that would be more appropriate to wear in Spring as currently it is so cold so I rather just stick to jumpers+shirts. Here I am wearing a crop top with a shirt. This would be a really good layering outfit, if I had worn a statement necklace and a jacket on top of it.


Here I was supposed to mention the statement necklaces part but anyways a subtle necklace like this bird one from Primark looks really cute and stylish as well. I posted a pictures of the outfit a few days ago on Instagram but then in a different way.

Even depending on the colour of the shirts that you would buy it, will make it a completely different outfit. This shirt for example would be perfect to wear for a chic evening .

So you see that there are so many different ways to combine shirts. I would be sitting here all day talking to you guys about how to combine shirts as whenever I see a shirt in a shop, there are literally about a million different ways going through my brain that I could combine that one shirt with. I don’t even notice my brain doing it as I do it just naturally. So even after I have posted this post I would probably be like Damn I should have written about that way of styling a shirt as well.

For now I will leave you with this many ideas for how to combine shirts.


How do you like to combine shirts?

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