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How to make fashion designs #2

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In my first post of this series I talked about the general idea of “how to make fashion designs”. This time I wanted to take it a step further.

I chose an already black and white picture from Instagram for this. I recommend that this is the best to choose, for this type of sketch. A coloured one may not be as effective as a black and white one.


First of all you need some old newspaper which you can tear. Try to tear as much as possible as you need to add a few layers of the newspaper onto the paper. You can use the whole page but I only wanted to use the bottom section of the page as the picture I am using was quite small.

Add layers and layers of the torn newspaper until the white page can’t be seen. I have used a Punjabi newspaper that is why it has different symbols on it. That is Punjabi so another language and yes I can totally read it (well I am still learning as it is quite hard). I used this newspaper because it creates a different kind of effect which is what I wanted to accomplish.


Once it is dry go over it with white water paint or watery-acrylic paint and try to cover and shape out the section that you will draw on. This way your drawing will stand out even more and it will be easier to draw on as well.

Let it dry for a bit. It won’t take a really long time as water-paint drys up really quick. Then with a 2HB pencil start to shape out the drawing. When you finished this just start to get the details into it with a darker pencil. I think I used a 4B for this as that is quite dark but therefore also quite smudgy so be careful for not accidentally smudging it out with your hand. You can spray over it with hairspray after you have completely finished drawing your sketch.


After you have finished drawing get a fine liner to get the finer detail into it. This makes the drawing stand out even more. I started off by creating the fluff which was on the coat of the blogger (Btw it’s Andy from Stylescrapbook.com One of my favourite bloggers!). I did this by using the 0.1 fine liner and gently flicking the pen where I wanted the detail to really stand out.

Now just add the rest of the detail to it and you are finished.

I hope you liked this post as much I did to create it for you guys.


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