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Blogger Style Steal #3

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Today I wanted to share another blogger with you guys. I have been following Ritu quite a while now so really wanted to share her style on my blog.

I like following bloggers that have a different vibe to them and a different kind of style which Ritu most definitely has. She has this retro laid back look which I really look up to. I also think that she is such a pretty girl with thick black hair although you can’t really tell on the outfit that I am showing today but do go and check out her blog then you will know what I mean.



Even going on her blog, looking at her pictures she has a different way of taking and editing them. She stands out from the crowd which I love about her.

Her blog isn’t only about fashion etc but she is also the co-founder of the Drum and Bass in India. There isn’t quite the atmosphere of blogging in India, I have noticed. As I haven’t really seen another blog except hers. Do you know any other Asian blogs? Then leave a comment below.

You can see in the way she styles her clothing that she very much interested in music. I don’t know but you just do. Don’t you think?


The outfit that I have chosen today shows both her 90s style as well as her different way of editing it. I like how she has shown the typical busy Indian roads in the background in a really blurry way.



Shirt , Trousers , Glasses , Bag , Cropped top , Shoes

This outfit was so hard to find and put together but I tried my best to get the most alike products. I would love to try out those trousers as it is something that I have never tried out before but I loved the way that Ritu has styled it . Double denim.

Click here for her outfit post
Click her for her blog

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