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Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

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Before starting with the actual purpose of this post let me just say Happy Mother’s Day. The day that we give all the love in the world to our mothers. After all, they look after us for 365 days so they need just one teensy weensy little day in which we take care of them instead. Happy Mother’s day mommyxx

Today I wanted to share with you lets say a ‘life hack’. Namely how you can make these really cute heart-shaped cupcakes for your Mum. They are ever so cute. Something different than just having them round.

IMG_1621  copy

I have just used a normal chocolate brownie recipe which you can just simply find on google or if you have your own. Then after you have mixed your mixture and put the cases into the tray, get a tiny bit of foil which you can roll up until you make a ball out of it. Now place the tin foil just like I have placed it on the picture.

IMG_1619 copy

Before the tin foil goes all the way to the bottom add the mixture to the cases. The cases already need to look like heart shape like you can already see.

IMG_1625 copy


IMG_1631 copy

Look how cute they turned out after I put them into the oven!

IMG_1627 copy

I decided to put some icing onto the muffin although I should have waited before the muffin cooled down but I didn’t, as it was almost getting dark outside and else I would have not been able to take the pictures.
That is the reason why the chocolate is melting off on the next picture.
Anyway now you can decorate your cute muffin any way that you like. My little brother suggested to put some silver (eatable) pearls onto it to make them even cuter. To tell you the truth I could just eat the pictures!

IMG_1637 copy

I hope you liked this ‘life hack’. I bet your Mum will love these! Tell me how your cupcakes/muffins turned out.

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