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5 ways to eat bagels

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I think that most of you know by now that I have a big obsession with bagels they are just my favs. So I thought about putting a blogpost together whereby I show you 5 of my favourite ways of eating bagels. I think after this post you will probably get addicted to it as well. Believe me!

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I will start off with one of the most easiest one. This one is just one of those grab and go recipe. Toast your bagel and spread it with some butter or margarine whatever you prefer. Then spread some cheese spread over it and that is it. This is so delicious and very easy to make it, as it is just spreading basically.
Oh and to add a little detail for which type of cheese spread I use, I like to use cheddar as that just gives it a bit more flavour to the bagels.

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I recently tried this recipe out which is super healthy. You start of with washing some red fruits so strawberries, raspberries or blackberries etc Then you need to mush them up and lay them onto your already toasted and buttered bagel. Finish it off with some crushed almonds or any of the nuts that you prefer. This is really flavourless though, at least that is what I thought of it so I like to spread a light layer of jam or Nutella on top of my bagel before I put the fruit on it.

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Then for this one repeat the steps that you had to do for the first bagel and then just add some sliced tomatoes on top of it. To add some more flavour to it add some salt and pepper to it.

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I don’t have this one everyday. As personally I think it requires the most time out of all the 5. I start of with slightly grilling the outsides of the bagels. Normally when I have my bagels this way I have the seeds one or the red union ones as they just add a bit more flavouring . After grilling them slightly on the outsides switch them over and add some some grated cheese and some chopped up tomatoes on it and stick it under the grill until the cheese is completely molten. Meanwhile start to warm up your Hoops or Beans which ever one you prefer but I am more of a Hoops kinda girl. After the bagels are done under the grill just add the Hoops on top of it and Wallah you have a very tasty bagel to nibble on. Again you can add salt or pepper on top of it to add some more flavour to it.

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I saved the best for last. For this tasty one you need to toast your bagel and spread some butter on it. After that just add some Nutella on it. It is better to do it when the bagel is still hot as this way the chocolate will melt and will taste even better. Now finish it off by adding the last layer of sliced strawberries on top of it and you are done .

I hope you liked this post as mush as I enjoyed sharing some of my favourite recipes with you guys.
If you have any special ways in which you enjoy eating your bagels then don’t forget to share it with me as I would love to try it out?

Which one would you like to try out?


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