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Current favourite Breakfast

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I have been trying out lots of different ways to be healthy and when it comes to breakfast I like to be super healthy. It is the first meal of the day so better make a good start of the day. 

I wanted to share my current favourite breakfast. I know I have always had this crazy love for bagels (don’t worry it is still there) but I wanted to try out some other new things as well.


This is normally all that I have, yoghurt with plain flavourless Kellogg’s with fruit but now I have discovered some new ways to make this dish a bit more interesting.

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This time to add a little bit of extra I added some already chopped up hazelnuts and crushed cashews which I crushed myself. I think the crunchier it is the better. I love crunchiness which is probably the reason for why I can’t get enough of it. This is literally so tasty. Since I have tried it this way I just can’t think of anything else to eat for breakfast. I think slowly on I will have so many different nuts on this that it will turn into a mini granola. I did try various kinds of Granola before, but they either had too much sugar in them or they were just tasteless. Either way I wasn’t really fond of them so I have been trying to start some kind of granola of my own which still has a long way to go till it will actually become a full granola.

Have you got any other interesting ingredients that I can add? Let me know in the comments below.


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