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Mason Jar Smoothie

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I recently mentioned that I have been obsessed with mason jars which I have been drinking from non-stop. Wether I am doing some school work or just on my laptop doing some blog work, I always like to keep a mason jar around me which I then constantly take a sip from especially because it is getting hotter now.

One of the drinks that I have been obsessed with is this smoothie which I will be sharing with you guys today. It is super healthy and really refreshing for the Summer as well.

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To start of you need:

400 ml Applejuice
200 ml Orangejuice
250 g Raspberries (or any types of berries that you like but I just prefer raspberries because they are a bit sour which I like)

The best thing would be to use juice that has no added sugars or if you would like to make it even healthier than this then you can add about half the amount that I have mentioned. My cousin preferred just adding water instead of juice which is also fine but then I think that it hasn’t got the same flavour as with the juices, to tell you the truth .

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This is really easy and wouldn’t even take a few minutes in the morning to make. I wouldn’t recommend storing it in the fridge though because else at the end of the day it would become to acidic. Instead drink it straightaway.

What you basically need to do is add all the ingredients together after you have washed the raspberries and mix them together. I used a juice/smoothie maker to do this.

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Then just pour it into your mason jar and enjoy. This is a great snack as well as, really healthy for breakfast. Although I did get hungry after about 2 hours so I would suggest having something like a toast with it.



You can try different combinations when making this smoothie. Such as oranges with peaches which was also very nice.

Have you got any smoothie suggestion then let me know I would love to try them out.

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