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Diy Flower Crown

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Since Spring has started there are so many different types of flower crowns that you can buy. Wether it is those massive big ones that are typical for the festival season at Topshop or those subtle everyday casual wearable ones at H&M. Either way I have been loving them.

An even better way is to make one yourself as personally I think that I have been quite picky when buying one of these. Sometimes it is the colour of the flowers or the width of the flowers is too far apart. Either way if you make it yourself you can decide yourself which colour you want etc On top of it you will wear it pride as you have made it yourself;)

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To get started you will need:

A glue gun (You can use superglue for this if you want, but then it has too be one of those realllly strong ones as else the flowers will just fall off after a few days/ a few weeks or so.

Pegs (At least 20 and preferably wooden ones)

Fake flowers (I got mine from Dunelm Mills and Hobyycraft)

Felt (That you can easily cut out and also preferably green but I had red because I couldn’t find green)

Hairband (You can have a clear one, black one or in my case a silver one. The best thing would be to have a matching colour with the flowers or your hair colour)

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Cut off the fake flowers. Try to go for a variety with smaller ones but also big ones it is entirely up to you. Then place them onto your hairband to try and get a general idea of how many flowers you will need and where you will place them. Also I included some leaves onto mine as well to really give it that typical flowery feeling.

IMG_1896 copy copy

Then if you haven’t done so cut off the stem of the flower completely till the top so it is easier to glue the felt on. After you have done that cut off some circles of the felt and stick them on the back of the flowers with the hot glue gun or superglue whichever you prefer.

IMG_1897 copy

Now quickly put the pegs onto them like shown on the pictures so there is more of a chance them sticking and staying together. I left this for at least 10-15 min to make sure that they have completely  glued together.


Now just stick them onto the hairband carefully and not rushing as this is the important part. Also after you have done this don’t forget to put the pegs onto the hairband as well for at least 15-20 minutes.

When sticking down the flowers think of how you prefer it as I have put them quite closely as I like that busy ness and also because they are white flowers it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as it would have with bright colours. So think about your colour scheme of the flowers but also how you would like to layer it yourself.

Also if you were wondering how I did the leaves I did them completely the same way as the flowers by cutting them up right till the stem and then etc etc

Also you can see on the picture that you can still see the red felt.  Although when I put it one you don’t see it as much, but if it does just stick some flower onto those parts or glue one of the already stuck’s leave in front of it.

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IMG_1919 copy

I hope you liked this DIY xxxJazz

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