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Blogger Style Steal #4


This is already the fourth post of my Blogger-Style-Steal series  but some bloggers just have an incredible style which you just cannot resist ‘stealing’.

I have recently really been into Diana’s style which is a Dutch blogger. She is now more onto her youtube than her blog but that doesn’t really matter as her videos are always really fun to watch as well.

She has a really tomboy 70s style but then also combined with the 90s and somehow still a girly chic style attached to it. Especially with her new hairstyle she has really got that retro look. I adore her clothing style which you may have noticed lately as well throughout my outfits as they have been really inspired by her recently.

As she hasn’t posted a while on her blog including no outfits, I had no choice but to show her Instagram pictures. Although she was a great blogger which I enjoyed reading I don’t blame her for not posting blog posts as much as she goes to university so I bet she is already fully booked because of that. Normally bloggers tend to do blogging for a living but she wanted to go to university. I can usually see her style coming through in her lookbooks or Instagram which is good enough to get a lot inspiration from.






You can clearly see her love for stripes which is really her thing. I think through her I have started a collection of striped clothes as well because she combines them so well which makes we want to style them as well haha. Below I have some key things which I defintly know she would like to wear. I couldn’t do a complete Style-Steal as she hasn’t posted an outfit over a year now so that makes it a bit hard. Also personally I think that over the past year her style has completly changed. However through her Instagram she often posts a lot of outfits and those pictures just speak for them self.


Top, Jacket, Top, Trousers, Necklace, Skirt

Diana always has some kind of subtle necklaces so I couldn’t leave them out . Neither could I leave the typical 70s inspired items such as the flared trousers and the denim skirt.



Dress, Trousers, Top, Necklace

Diana also adores her halter necks which I think really suits her and therefore makes me want to buy them as well. When looking for halter neck items I found some really amazing ones at New Look so definitly  check New Look out for if you are on the search for halter necks.

Diana’s Blog

Diana’s Instagram

Diana’s Youtube

What do you think of Diana’s style?

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