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SS Room Inspiration

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Sunday and Saterday mornings are normally when I spend (lets put it this way) a lot of time on my mac or phone. Just spending hours and hours onto Tumblr and Instagram. I am seriously an internet addict. What would I do without internet I seriously don’t know.

Now that Summer is upon us I wanted to do some changes to my room. To do this I have been looking on Pinterest and Tumblr but mostly Pinterest. I know this is more of a Spring thing. You know when you cleanse your wardrobe from ‘Spring cleaning’ but due to my exams I didn’t have any time for that but now I have more time on my hands.


I like the use of patternd bed clothing with the white walls. It keeps the room balanced. When I was little I always wanted t have a rack in my room on which I could hang my clothes on although my mom always found that concept quite weird of having your wardrobe clothes out of your wardrobe haha but I am going to make this happen one day!


Remember seeing these see-through-cloth-thing which-I-don’t-know-what-it-is-called in princess movies? Well I think it would be perfect for the Summer time.


Again I really like the patterns in this room and top of it I really like the mannequin as well. I have been looking for one but those were too pattered. This is just a simple basic mannequin which is what I am looking for.


The colour scheme is what took me away with this bedroom. Everything just matches perfectly with each other.


I think that with a clothing rack you can hang any clothes that you want to wear that week on it or just have matching clothes with the colour scheme of your room on it.


I have an empty white wall which I have been wondering with what to hang on it. I have seen people putting polaroid pictures onto a string or something which looks so cool to do, so I might do that.


This is the perfect room for white lovers. I have got to say I am not a big white lover but more of a bold colours one. Although the thing that I like the most about this room is it’s simplicity. Personally I think that if you have white rooms then it doesn’t matter if you have a messy room as it doesn’t look that messy. If you know what I mean.


I saw this and thought omg I need this! It looks so amazing and creative for someone to have this kind of wall.

IMG_2006 copy

I hope that you got some room inspiration as well from this post. If you did I would love to know.

By the way the first and the last picture is from my room. I had this starbucks coffee bottle from ASDA which I washed and then put fake daisies in it. Doesn’t it look cute! For the second pictures, I have been looking for a vintage type of clock for a long time now but every time it wasn’t the right colour that I was searching for. However this one from Dunelm Mills is perfect as it goes so well with my room.

Next week I have work experience so I am trying to prepare some posts for this week. Anyways speak soon

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