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Sport Wishlist

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Since Summer has started I have been more motivated to eat healthy  but also to start doing some sort of fitness.

More and more shops are bringing in their Sport collections. Wether it is H&M or Matalan (by the way the green top I am wearing is from Matalan and I am loving the material!) I have been looking everywhere for sporty clothes as somehow even new sport clothes motivate me to do more Sport.

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I have been more into running lately which I try to do at least 3 times a week. I really need some motivation to get out of the house and do it. The best part of running that also really motivates me to do it, is the feeling afterwards. It gives you such a happy feeling and just being proud of yourself that you went out there to do it.

Today I put a wishlist together for some of the products that I have been looking at to buy and I do have my eyes on .


//Green top//Black top//Black top//Watch//Wristband//Water bottle//Shorts//Leggings//

Oke I will admit that some of the things on my wish list I may not really need such as that bottle as I already have one but I would always like to upgrade to this oval shaped one. I think my favourite thing that I would really like to have is the green top with the slogan and those blue ombre Nike shorts which are to die for. They are so pretty! If I got those shorts then I would literarily go running everyday haha.

How do you stay motivated to sport?


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