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Summer Shoes Sperrys

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I wouldn’t say that these are ‘new’ shoes (as I bought them last year somewhere end of Summer and beginning of Autumn). Although what I would like to say is that they are the perfect Summer shoes.

Last year when I went to Amsterdam I saw similar like these shoes in Invito (a shop which unfortunatly we don’t have in England) and also on top of in their sale. However they didn’t have exactly my size and the colour that I wanted ( typical sale problems). So when I came back I started to research them more on different sites as I had been seeing them on different bloggers and they just looked so stylish and easy to style (which believe me they are).

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I ended up buying these Navy coloured ones or actually ‘New Navy’ which is how the colour is called originally. I think that the colour was the biggie for me as I wanted to buy ones that will go with just about every outfit but also a colour that I like myself. Therefore it couldn’t be no other than the colour blue. This phrase probably explains a lot ‘whenever in doubt, blue is your bail out’. I am just in love with blue. The other day even one of my friends admitted that ‘yes you do wear a lot of blue’ which was actually a compliment for me:)

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Anyways, the colour that I chose is more of a jean-y type of colour if you know what I mean. I did this one purpose as then I can style it with a lot of variety of things. Just about anything goes with lets say jean-y type of things. Wether it is actually a jean or a jacket or in this case the shoes.

I have been loving to wear these shoes and already know that they are the highlight of this Summer (also including my Birkenstock). They walk really comfortably and they literally give you that boat feeling haha. My ones are from the Bahama collection which I must admit just about every shoes was on my wish list. They have a lot variety and a lot to choose from.  You can check it out yourself click here.

I didn’t buy mine from the site as they didn’t have those ones on the site for some odd reason (they probably sold out because they are so awesome). Anyways mine were from T-reds .

Some similar or pretty ones

What do you think of these shoes? Let me know in the comments below xxxJazz

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