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Rings of the week #3

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I felt like I hadn’t done a rings-of-the-week post in forever. Even though I am obsessed with my rings and can’t live without them. So today a rings-of-the-week post.

IMG_2061 copy


On Monday I was wearing a yellow top so I decided to go for gold details.

IMG_0004 copy


On Tuesday I had a white outfit so I thought silver went better with white. I also wanted to wear that silver ring with the stone on it which I have recently re-discovered.

IMG_0013 copy


As usual there has to be a blue day through out the week which was Wednesday last week. I wore my new ring with fake diamonds on it. My mother got it for me from India as she knows I am really into rings. Thanks mum.

IMG_1795 copy

//Dorothy Perkins// H&M//

On Thursday instead of matching the rings with my outfit I matched it with the colour of my rings: Gold.

IMG_0036 copy

//Dorothy Perkins//H&M//

The last day I felt like going a bit funky by experimenting with a lot of chunky rings at once. I thought that this was the perfect thing to do with this funky dress.

Have you got any funky rings?


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