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Mason Jar Drink

IMG_1882 copy

I have been experimenting with lots of different types of drinks for my recently purchased mason jar.  One of them being this refreshing drink which I don’t really know what to name so I will just call it the “Refreshing Drink”.

There is not much that you actually need as you will probably have most of the things already at home.
The ingredients for the “Refreshing Drink” are:

-Strawberries (Handful)
-Raspberries (Handful)
-1 Lemon
-Cucumber (Few slices)
-Water (Enough to fill the mason jar)
-Squash (Any flavour that you like but I went for Summer fruits and Lime)
-Orange (Few slices)

IMG_1879 copy

IMG_1880 copy

I already pe-made these ice cubes, with an idea that I saw on Pinterest a while ago. Namely freezing raspberries with the ice cubes together. How cute is this idea though? Super cute of course.

IMG_1881 copy

I placed the ice cubes firstly into the jar and then stared to add just a little bit of the squash to it. Then I went on to add the sliced strawberries and the orange slices. After that I just added the water and finished the drink in literarly 1 minute haha.

The second idea of the “Refreshing Drink” is with the cucumbers, lemons and the lime squash and also lets not forget the water.

IMG_1886 copy

Here is an impression of my little brother’s ‘cocktail’ as he called it.

I hope you liked this Summer idea which you can experiment with in lots of different ways. How do you like yours? Let me know xxxJazz

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