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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Outfit Details

IMG_2040 copy

This outfit was from a few weeks ago but I completely forgot about it. Anyways I quickly edited it and posted on ma blawg.

I think that this outfit is more concerned with the delicate detailing. I tried to bring these delicate details in but in a not-so-overwhelming-way if you know what I mean. The top that I am wearing completely represents this thought that I was trying to get across. It is a very simple top but then has this delicate flower lace detail at the bottom as wells as by the sleeves.

IMG_2037 copy copy

When I took these pictures it was still spring I think as I am wearing my duster coat here which I haven’t wore again since summer has started. Anyways I think that the coat blended together with the outfit very smoothly as well as with the season. It is just the pastel-y colour which gives a bit of a spring touch to it.

To finish the outfit off I could not forget my jewellery. Here I am wearing a very subtle detailed necklace and some of my favourite H&M rings. These small details make a worlds difference to your outfit (Oke maybe a bit of exaggerating but believe me they still make a big difference). However avoid going overboard with too much details, here and there. Such as if I started to go for bracelets as well then this outfit would have been a bit o.o.t.
Remember less is more!

IMG_2033 copy

IMG_2036 copy

IMG_2035 copy

IMG_2041 copy

Top// Ark

Coat// Divadames

Jeans// Divadames

Necklace// H&M

Flower crown// DIY

Rings// H&M

What do you think of the outfit?


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