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Love of the Week #5

IMG_0009 copy

Lately I have been really into scrunchies and therefore it had to go on my Love-of-the-week.

IMG_0011 copy

Scrunchies are just something that you either really loves or just hate. At first I wasn’t a big fan of them either but now that there are different designs and prints I have been obsessed with buying them. Therefore I have been looking at even more scrunchies that I may just buy as well. I know that it won’t be a waste of my money as I wear them just about every other day. So they won’t just stay lying in my cupboard, being useless.







Personally I find quite easy to style them. They are also quite handy for when you don’t feel like doing anything in your hair. This most of the time, when it is just too hot in the summer to do just about anything.

They can just spice up the outfit a bit and add that extra funky-ness to your outfit but also that 80s twist to your style.

Are you into scrunchies as well? or is just my crazy obsession haha


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