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New Divadames Dress

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Hey hey today I have an item for you that I have been wanting to share for quite some time now. So lets get straight into it.

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I have been seeing more and more shirt dresses this season and since shirts are like my most worn items I just could not resist myself from buying one. There are literally so many different designs and prints that you can buy them in but this funky printed one was the ultimate one that I chose . I think that the print is is also something that played a big role in me buying this dress as it is something different and definitely something that stands out from the crowd.

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IMG_0055 copy

There is also an extra detail at the back of the dress, namely a bow which is not that visible unless you pick it up with your hands as it is the same print like the dress. However it still adds the ultimate finishing touch to the dress don’t you think?

I am looking forward to buying more shirt dresses! I could live in them literally everyday as they are just so comfy and really easy to just throw on . Also it is casual and chic at the same time, so the perfect definition off my style.

This dress is also quite long so I would probably wear it without tights over my swimming costume or something like that for in the Summer. I don’t know wether it would be this dress then, as I don’t want it to be ruined.
Divadames dress

What do you think of this trend?


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