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Love of the Week #6

IMG_2067 copy

It is already #6 for love of the week but I have been love doing these type of posts ♡

IMG_2068 copy

IMG_2070 copy

IMG_2072 copy

IMG_2073 copy

I have been doing this crown braid non-stop, I just simply love doing it. Especially in this hot weather. Although recently it has started to cool down a bit already. Still I think that the hairstyle is a really summery hairstyle. It would also look really cute for a wedding or summer party. Mostly because your hair is just out of the way. Hair is the last thing that you want in your way when travelling for example. Such as on Monday when I traveling to Edinburgh I did a crown braid as I just wanted my hair out of they way.

Last year I even did a video on how to do this hairstyle just in case you want to find out.

What do you think of this hairstyle?

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