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New high-waisted jeans

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Hey guys today another post featuring one of my newly bought jeans which I have been wearing non-stop.

IMG_0031 copy

IMG_0032 copy

IMG_0028 copy

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I bought these last week as I have been on the search for high waisted black jeans for quite a while now. When I finally saw them hanging last week on the rails of Miss Selfridge I was super happy. I could just about scream ( oke maybe a bit ott but I do admit I was overly happy with the jeans). Therefore the price of the jeans didn’t matter to matter to me as much, as it would have done normally. It was exactly what I was searching for, for such a long time now. The pair of jeans were £34.

They are super comfy and soft so perfect to wear for when travelling which has been my only go to recently. Wether going to North, Manchester or driving all the way down South to London. It has been so busy recently.

One down part of the jeans is that it only has back pockets which to tell you the truth does actually make sense. It would be quite odd for a high waisted jean to have front pockets.

I tried to search the exact same jeans online as well but was unable to find it. I think that they were called super skinny.

Do you own a pair of high waisted skinny jeans?


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