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yesterday’s lunch

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This was super delicious and on top of it super healthy as well  so I could not resist myself from sharing it with you guys. I know it looks just like a sandwich but believe me it isn’t just any sandwich. It has the jazz touch to it.

Can I just clarify before we get into the recipe that I have not got any  unhealthy ingredients in it. O yes it is super healthy so it doesn’t matter how many you have and you can even slice it into four pieces and then eat it as a snack. Of course, you know where the limit of  healthy snacking is 😉

Normally I always spread butter on my bread but this time I experimented with humous I think that, that made this sandwich even more tastier as well.

IMG_0057 copy

Start off by getting two pieces of seeded bread. I used the brand Warburtons as I love their bread! Especially when it is toasted. This is also the reason for why I put my two slices under the grill for just under 2 min.  To get the bread a bit crunchy.



Then just add a layer of humous onto one side of the bread. Cover the humous with a few slices of cucumber till the humous gets fully covered.



Now just finish off with adding the rest of the healthy stuff;) This includes carrots, tomatoes and lettuce. I also added some of the grated cheese but not too  much as I don’t want to make it too fatty.



That’s it the sandwich is finished. It is that easy and really healthy. I already know I am going to be eating this non-stop for lunch.

The fun part of it is that you can play around with the ‘healthy stuff’ as well. With this I mean the vegetables. Such as instead of the humous you can include avocado which is what I will be having in my sandwiches today.  You can also add peppers, olives and sweet corn but it is totally up to you. Whatever you prefer. This is my way of making it. I was going to include olives but unfortunately we didn’t have any at home.

IMG_0072 copy

IMG_0074 copy


This was my brother’s sandwich he said to take a pictures of his as well haha bless him.

IMG_0068 copy

How do you like your sandwiches?



2 thoughts on “yesterday’s lunch”

  1. I love making healthy sandwiches for lunch as well. My favourite sandwich is with; chicken pieces, grated cheese, lettuce, cucumber, and ketchup. 🙂

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