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New bracelet

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I am always really keen on buying rings. I just love how the subtle detail of rings can completely change your whole look. However recently my love for bracelets has started to grow as well. Especially subtle ones like the one I will be showing you today.

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Bracelets aren’t something that I always have been really keen on. Not any special reason but it is just that on my left hand I am always wearing my watch while on my right side I am always wearing my ‘kara‘ which is something that you can relate to as a bracelet but it is just my identity of being a Sikh as it is part of my religion.
Both of my hands being already full with jewellery, I have never really concerned with wearing or even buying bracelets.
Although when I saw this bracelet a few weeks ago in Accessorize it got me thinking that I never really buy any jewellery except for rings.

On top of it, it was in the sale so I could not resist myself from buying something this pretty and in addition being in the sale as well.
Also the bracelet itself looked like something that would be easy to style and gives off the vibe of ‘Less is more’. Almost like I have put a lot of effort in my outfit but I haven’t actually.
I really like the subtle design of this bracelet and look forward to buying more in this style. Big chunky bracelets are something that I am not too keen on because I would still wear it with my ‘kara‘. Else that would look ott.

What kind of bracelets do you like?


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