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Back to School bags

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I have been on the struggle of deciding which bag to buy for school this year. I don’t want ‘just’ a backpack as I have always had them and on top of it our sixth form is going to have a dress code of smart clothing this year so a backpack isn’t quite the thing that I am looking for.

I was just researching some different types of bag when I thought I will just make a post out of it. Below I have a variety of bags which I think are quite suitable to wear to school. You know with your books and files and all.  However I still seemed to go for backpacks somehow.  The most difficult part now is which one will be the final one.


Here, Here, Here

These ones are from Urban outfitters which I have been looking at quite a while now. The one on the right I have been seeing worn by a lot of bloggers recently. I first didn’t quite like the idea of these bags but now I have started to get a bit used to them and I do actually like them.


Here, Here, Here

I never really thought that it can be so hard to find a school bag without it being a backpack. Event though I tried my best to find something different other than backpacks, I still seemed to go and like them better. When I went onto Asos I saw this new brand called Matt & Nat which I have never heard from before but their bags are to die for. They are a bit pricey than what I would normally pay for a bag. Although if I do get a bag from them I know that I will wear it non-stop as I want to keep it my money’s worth.

I also like the fact of going with some white washed colour instead of always going with black. It looks more sophisticated don’t you think?


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